Understanding the importance of healthy natural products presented in pine cone syrup, we extend it to the creation of our alcoholic beverages - incorporating both flavor and quality, while promoting a responsible and moderate approach to alcohol consumption.

Nature is significant to us; we appreciate its vast opportunities and generosity. Therefore, we are always active, whether it's tending  and nurturing   'Ceļnieku' home or producing our own products. In the fast pace of everyday life, we find opportunities to visit various seasonal markets and events where we offer tastings and the chance to purchase our products.

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If there's a desire to visit the farm, then the best time is summer, because then as an additional added value you can see the tidy garden cultivated by Iveta, who is a beauty gardener by education and also at heart. Everyone has the opportunity to taste the liqueur offered by Iveta and Osvalds in a very popular place in Bernāti – café "Dzintariņš" as an additive to a hot drink, and Iveta's  pinecone syrup is offered in  non-alcoholic hot drinks.


A glimpse into an organized tasting in great company, visiting us at "Ceļnieki" and savoring our products. Guests had the opportunity to taste all of our crafted beverages, get to know us, explore the surroundings, and visit our cherished home where drinks are created.

Both guests and ourselves were delighted to meet and spend this enchanting time together. We invite you as well to sign up for a tasting and visit our lovely home where delicious beverages come to life.